You probably spend more time in your living room than most rooms in your home on a daily basis—especially now—so why not give this space some extra attention and revamp it? Here are simple ways to do it on a budget.

1. Rearrange furniture

Something that requires no spending at all is simply rearranging the furniture you already have in this space. It’ll give the room a whole new look with minimal effort, and it may help you decide what, if any, items need to be replaced or added. Apps like magicplan and Home Design make it easy to do this virtually.

2. Paint an accent wall

If you want to add a new color to the living room without having to redo every wall, choose one as a focal point. This will give the space a revamped look while keeping a tight budget in mind. An accent wall could just be a pop of color, or experiment with a wall texture or temporary wallpaper.

3. Thrift for accessories

Thrifting is a great way to add fresh accessories to a room without breaking the bank. You might even stumble upon items you would never find in a home store! It’ll give the space a look that’s completely unique to your home.

4. Add greenery

To make your living room more dynamic, consider adding a few plants. There are many places to find inexpensive plants

5. Create a gallery wall

One home trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon is the gallery wall. Make use of old photos you have lying around and frame them in a fun layout on your wall!

Splurge wisely

Revamping a room on a budget doesn’t mean there’s no room to splurge when necessary, just make sure those pieces will last you for years to come (and are ones you really love!)

The “Rule of Threes” is applicable in many things in life. Many people believe bad things to come in threes or there are rules for survival that revolve around threes. If you’re planning on doing some redecorating, you can incorporate this rule into your new and improved space! Here’s how:

1. Accent wall

Though popular for a while now, a differently colored wall in a space is a gorgeous way to inject depth and dimension, as well as personality and interest, into a room. Whether behind your bed, adjacent to a large piece of furniture, or to highlight a room’s most prominent feature, experiment with colors, patterns, and materials to find what works best for your space.

2. A trio of shades

Incorporate too many colors in a room and it will look busy, but too few colors and it will appear dull. A good way to use the rule of threes in decorating is through integrating three varying shades into the room. Small pieces (i.e. vases, throw pillows, accent rugs), are great for breaking up a monotonous room with bright pops of color.

3. Picture this

You probably already have picture frames in various places throughout your home, but if you leave a single frame hanging alone, or a handful of frames scattered on an end table, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. Make the most of your photos or art, and incorporate the rule of threes by hanging frames in varying sizes grouped together, or place stand-up frames of varying heights together on tables.

Think of your walls as a blank canvas. The color of your walls can be used to convey a certain mood for those who occupy the space.

True blue The color blue signifies peace and tranquility. Adding blue to your walls is a great way to bring a sense of calmness to any space. Office spaces where anxiety and stress can build are a perfect place to add a touch of blue. Tip: Rather than painting a whole room, Try an accent wall. These walls add a nice splash of color to any room.

Red red room The color red is a very intense color. If you’re looking to send a shockwave of energy into your room, red is the color for you. The living room is a great space to utilize red because this space is the main gathering area of the home and red promotes free flowing conversation.

Green is good

The color green, much like it’s close counterpart blue, is a serene color. Green is a great color for any room of the house especially the bedroom, since it promotes rest. Heavy traffic areas of the house, like hallways, can be a great place to incorporate green to lessen the busyness of the space.

Tip: Experiment with both light and dark shades of different colors to find the right vibe for each room.

Play with purple

Looking to make your room feel more lavish without spending a fortune? Try painting the walls purple! Deep purples like plum can add a rich and luxurious feel to the atmosphere of the room, while lighter shades like lilac encourage tranquility.

Tip: When picking out paint for the walls, keep in mind that natural light shows the truest color.